Brad Jenkins - Saxophone

Curent Events

Currently Brad is living in Northern California and playing with his Southern Humboldt local band EZ Money. He also performs in the Bay Area and plays in the North Bay frequently with Barry The Fish Melton Band, Lester Chambers and others.

  • Dec 13 - 1:00 PM... EZ Money at The Riverwood Inn
  • Dec 31 - Evening... Lahaina, Muai (TBA)
  • Jan 7 and 14 - Evening... Pioneer Inn, Lahaina Muai with Greg Dipiaza
  • Jan 16 - Evening... Kihei, Muai with Gina Martineli (TBA)
  • Jan 17 - Private Party in Haiku, Muai
  • Jan 23 - 7:00 PM... EZ Money at Cecil's in Garberville
  • Feb 27 - (TBA) Barry Melton Band

EZ Money

EZ Money - Brad JenkinsEZ Money is a local Southern Humboldt band featuring Thomas Lasbury, Richard Barnick, Randy Clark and Brad Jenkins.