Brad Jenkins - Saxophone

Early Days

Brad Jenkins was anxious to be involved in music and stage at a young age. When he was first adopted, he was involved in church singing and some acting as well. Brad started piano lessons around 7 years old, which got him out of doing chores on the hard working farm. Soon a traveling salesman brought by a saxophone and a trumpet. Brad chose the Saxophone and his brother Doug got the Trumpet. Although he sqawked along with the ducks and geese, by the age of 10 he started playing with a better knowledge of the instrument. Also at the age of 10 he placed 2nd Place in a Canadian Conservatory of Music Singing Competition singing "Old Dog Trey" with vibrato and nervous knees. Through out elementary school Brad played alto sax in many school and church functions. He of course picked up the trumpet from time to time and a neighbors alto horn so he had an understanding of the brass family. This helped when in high school because Mr Grimes was not much into sax sections. He preferred brass being an old Marching Brass Band gentleman from the Canadian Armed Forces. Brad picked up on the trombone quickly and it became his instrument in high school.

And then at the age of 16 Brad hit the road...