Brad Jenkins - Saxophone

Touring Days

Brad Jenkins spent 4 years of his late teens "on the road," literally. His travels from East to West started in Canada and then went from North to South and back around... Early travels led Brad to Vancouver where he met harmonic player and singer Tom Crow from California. He too was "On The Road". They teamed up for a short while and adventures landed them in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California at Tom's old friend's house, Robert Peterson. Bobby was connected to The Grateful Dead and was writing songs with Phil at the time.

The journey continued for Brad who found himself back in the Great Lakes area of Canada in the Spring of 73. In Toronto, Brad connected with some folks travelling south. This adventure would lead him to Miami where Brad met and lived with Albhy Galuten. Also in the house-hold was Karl Richardson. They were very involved in Criteria Studios in Miami. Brad spent countless hours quietly in the background at Criteria listening and learning. He had just turned 18, and was was absorbing the great talent that he was surrounded bt. All of this became part of Brad's musical teachings. Albhy and Karl later went on to produce the Bee Gees and many others including Eric Clapton, the Eagles and countless other hit bands.

In '74 Brad was back in California where he again landed in Santa Cruz area. Here he met Robert Marron who became a life-long friend and a mentor in many ways. Bob was a percussionist with special insight into the mystical musical experience. He taught Brad how to listen before jumping into the song. Bob was rergularily surrounded by several musicians from LA, San Francisco, and other parts near and far. Some of these musicians have passed on as has Bob but the legacy continues with his children and through Brad's horn! RIP Robert Marron, Uncle Rock and others.

By 1975 Brad was playing with several musicians in the Santa Cruz area. He headed back north for a couple years and played through out British Columbia with Ron Emerson Band as well as with Dale Ziech. During this time he also became involved in arranging and conducting Musical Theater for a small town high school in the interior of British Columbia.

Back in Santa Cruz Mountain area, Brad met Dan Hennig and the Tuesday Night Gang and they played their unique style of music in and around Santa Cruz. During these last 3 years of the 70s Brad found himself playing and meeting many more musicians in the California music scene and started making a name as a Sax Player. He played with Jerry Miller during these days as well as Jill Crofton who later became the American Country Icon Lacy J. Dalton. The list of players and venues behind Brad continues to expand rapidly.

Brad Jenkins - Cruz ControlThen came the 3 year Road Tour with a group of hard working musicians that became known as Cruz Control. Originally touring as The Alright Family Band they hit road in their Questionable tour bus which usually took 2 people to drive. One to steer and brake and the other to hold it in gear. This blossomed into Dragonfly and finally Cruz Control. 3 years playing every club up and down the North American west from Alaska to New Mexico, they built some chops. During the beginning of this adventure they were "takin' in" by Hal and Penny Diamond (Hull) from The Diamond Family. This kindness enabled the band to morph into a solid touring band. Hal and Penny's son, Danny Hull, was a sax player from the original Lydia Pense and Cold Blood Band back in the 60s/70s and he and Brad became buddies for a few years. Brad recalls learning so much from Danny just sitting around talking... of course they played in various venues - in Reno and Tahoe as well as at The South Shore Allstars jams where several players from Tower of Power would share the stage.

Cruz Control disbanded in early 83 due to poor management and a difficult touring schedule. Brad made his way back to Santa Cruz and immediately connected with an up and coming band IQ. This internationally membered band with a trending style quickly gained recognition from major record labels but family ties pulled the band apart early in its career. Brad has since played and recorded with founding member Dimitrius Lenis who currently lives in Asia.

The touring journey goes on, but the miles are not spent wandering and wondering where the next gig is or where the next bed is. These days, Brad chooses wisely where to go and with whom to play. The opportunities are endless. In his own words: "I feel quite honored and fortunate to have come so far and played with such great musicians as I do."